Photographer Nancy Rose lives in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada and works as a high school Guidance Counsellor. She is rarely without a camera and sees subjects everywhere.

A passion for nature and wildlife, and a lifetime spent as a crafter merged when she discovered the curiousity of the little American Red squirrels who raided the bird feeders in her backyard. Nancy creates squirrel size props using cardboard, clay, and assorted craft supplies and dollar store finds. She arranges them in miniature settings and she has created numerous scenarios on her backyard deck where the inquisitive squirrels find themselves in some rather human like poses as they search for peanuts hidden in the props.

Her favourite squirrel, Mr. Peanuts, was the first to eat from her hand and when he is “in the neighourhood” he is sure to stop by and check out whatever Nancy puts out on her deck rail. Her squirrel visitors have grown in number and Nancy hopes that together they can continue to delight viewers for years to come.

Nancy’s squirrel pictures have been featured on numerous websites, including Amusing Planet, Buzzfeed, Petapixel ,and the Daily Mail in the UK. She has been interviewed on Skype by a German TV show and was the Tuesday feature for Washington Post’s “Third Annual Squirrel Week” series. Local news channels, CBC, Halifax Herald and Global TV also discovered her squirrel pictures and interviewed her at her home, but her squirrels were not so brave and did not make much an appearance.